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Recent Bird Sightings on the Eastern Sierra Birds Group:

To post bird observations, email easternsierrabirds@googlegroups.com. Please include the bird observed and location in the subject line. Please end your observation with your name. You can post photos by attaching them as jpegs to your email. By joining you may elect to receive emails when posts arrive.

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Bird Sighting Archives (pre-Google Group):

Bird Sighting Archives from January 1999 through September 2008, including many with photo documentation.

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Bird Checklists

A complete list of Birds of Inyo County, in 2016 taxonomic order is avalable here: Inyo_Bird_Checklist-2016. Also available in a trifold brochure format (for printing double-sided): Inyo County Bird Checklist Brochure. This list was put together by North American Birds sub-regional editors for Inyo County, Tom and Jo Heindel, for reporting rare bird sightings.

The Mono Lake Committee maintains a Mono Basin Checklist here: monolake.org/about/birdlist, and the Owens Valley Committee has a checklist of Owens Lake birds here: ovcweb.org/OwensValley/OwensLakebirdlist.html as well as this list of some common birds by habitat: ovcweb.org/OwensValley/Birdhabitat.html.

Eastern Sierra Audubon sponsors Owens Lake Big Days every year in the Spring and Fall, and a list of species (with numbers counted) in our Spring Big Days for the last few years beginning in 2008 are available here: Owens Lake Spring Big Day Counts Compared (pdf).

We've built a good start on our Birds of the Bishop Paiute Tribe's Conservation Open Space Area (COSA) through our monthly walks there - check out our bird list on e-Bird, or download and print out (double-sided) our tri-fold brocure-style COSA Bird Checklist (pdf).

Additionally, a checklist of bird species in the Laws area was compiled by ESAS member Roberta Lagomarsini. This is also in a trifold brochure format for double-sided printing.

From northern Mono County, Elena Espinosa compiled lists from her Sunday Antelope Valley/Topaz Bird Walks, and they may be found here (Excel files).

NEW - Check out this awesome resource which will only get better as more people input records into e-bird: eBird graph of Inyo-Mono bird abundance (histogram). This shows seasonality with links to location maps for bird sightings.

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Rare Bird Sightings

Please document and report rare bird sightings to Inyo or Mono County subregional editors for North American Birds, as described on this page.

More details and guidelines for submitting a rare bird sighting for Inyo County may be found here.

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Birding Hotspots

A guide to local birding hotspots may be found here, and more details and a print version may be found on our Eastern Sierra Birding Trails map (available at local visitors centers)

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Bird Counts and Big Days

To participate in local bird counts or big days, check our most recent newsletter for information, check the Owens Lake page for the next Owens Lake Spring or Fall Big Day information, and check for updates on Christmas Bird Counts in the area on our Christmas Bird Count page.

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Important Bird Areas in the Eastern Sierra

Audubon's Important Bird Area (IBA) Program has recognized 14 IBAs in the Eastern Sierra, out of 174 IBAs in the state of California. U.S. Audubon launched its Important Bird Areas initiative in 1995, establishing programs state by state. State-based IBA programs provide conservation leaders with the flexibility to tailor the program to their individual state needs, and they also give Audubon members and local volunteers the greatest opportunities to protect sites in their communities.

Conservation activities are being conducted at many of these IBAs. A U.S. IBA Committee has been established to review IBA data and assures the credibility of all IBAs of continental or global significance.

Learn about Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in our region.

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Eastern Sierra Bird Posters

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