Ruddy Ground-Dove, Harris's Sparrow at Furnace Creek

From: Chris Howard
Date: 2/18/02
Time: 9:22:17 PM
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Fifteen birders joined the Furnace Creek Birding field trip, sponsored by Eastern Sierra Audubon Society on Saturday, Feb. 16th. A total of 58 species were seen throughout the weekend including some rare birds such as Ruddy Ground-Dove, Harris's Sparrow, Vermilion Flycatchers and an early sighting of Northern Rough-winged Swallow.

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Harris's Sparrow Lewis's Woodpecker Greater Roadrunner Greater Roadrunner Snow Goose Vermilion Flycatcher Inca Dove
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Ruddy Ground-Dove Ruddy Ground-Dove Ruddy Ground-Dove Ruddy Ground-Dove preening Inca Dove Ruddy Ground-Dove Ruddy Ground-Dove
DSCN2025p rugd.JPG (99961 bytes) DSCN2039p rugd.JPG (106924 bytes) DSCN2041p rugd.JPG (130252 bytes) DSCN2047p rugd and indo copy.JPG (112096 bytes) DSCN2053p rugd.JPG (88163 bytes) DSCN2057p rugd.JPG (96750 bytes)

A female Ruddy Ground-Dove was seen on the front lawn of a mobile home just south of the low hotel units hanging out with 10 Inca Doves.  Three Snow Geese were on the largest water hazard with a Canada, a Wood Duck female was there, too.  One Harris's Sparrow was in the ditch between the 700 building and the abandoned sewer ponds to the west.  A male and female Vermilion Flycatcher are wintering at the sewer ponds.  A Common Moorhen is wintering at the reedy water hazard.  The Rough-winged Swallow was with 10 Tree Swallows over the largest water hazard.  A Red-breasted Sapsucker was near the doves and a Red-naped Sapsucker was on Airport Road.  Around 10 Lewis's Woodpeckers were in the date groves.