CC longspur and more!

From: Kristie Nelson
Date: 3/3/02
Time: 11:39:21 AM
Remote Name:



Yesterday hile enjoying a nice walk on Mono's shore, I saw a lovely breeding plumaged male CHESTNUT-COLORED LONGSPUR. I flushed him near the shore directly across from the small parking area at the dead end road that is south of Navy beach. He kiddled contantly and flew around in big lazy undulations for quite some time before deciding where to land again. First time I've seen an alternate plumaged male, and the best looks at one I've had in general. I then went to the burn area on Hwy 120 east (drive around the locked gate). About 0.35 miles past 21.0 mile marker, I played a tape of BLACK-BACKED WP calls, and instantly got a response. There were at least 3 black-backed, 3 white headed, and 2 Haries within about 15 minutes of listening. Woodpecker frenzy, with lots of excited chatterings and calls. Quite fun. I skied around and played tapes around the west edge of the burn a few times earlier this winter with no luck. Now the snow is gone and can drive further in. On wednesday I saw 3 HOODED MERGANSERS on Grant Lkae by Rush cr. delta. One male displaying to 2 females. Last time I was there was in November when I saw 6 or so hoodies in the same place, maybe they stayed all winter. The displaying made me contemplate putting up nest boxes!!!

have fun, Kristie