Panamint Valley Birds 4/13-14

From: Duvall, K, Zatorski, J, et. al.
Date: 4/16/02
Time: 11:32:18 AM
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Our field trip was a warm success. With temps in the 100's on the valley floor we were gald to spend out time in the cooler side canyons. Here is a list of what was seen at trip destinations. Panamint Resort: Brewers & Yellow-headed bb, BH Cowbird, Mourning Dove, Great Egret, House & Lesser-G finches, Cooper's Hawk, Bullock's Oriole, Common Poorwill, Co Raven, House Spar, Euro Star, Orange-crowned & Yellow-rumped, audubon, Warbler. Darwin Canyon: Mourning Dove, House Finch, Gray Flycatcher, B-G Gnatcatcher, Kingfisher, Say's Pheobe, Am Robin, Hermit Thrush, Black-throated, Brewer's, House & White-crowned Sparrows, White-throated Swift, Warbling Vireo, O-C Warbler, Bewick's, Canyon & Rock Wrens. Jackpot Canyon: House Finch, B-G Gnatcatcher, Rufous Hummingbird, Western Kingbird, R-C Kinglet, Say's Pheobe, Orange-crowned, Nashville & Y-R, audubon Warblers. Pleasant Canyon: House & Lesser-G Finches, B-G Gnatcatcher, Black-throated, Song & White-crowned Sparrows, Plumbeous Vireo, Orange-crowned Warbler. Darwin Canyon Campground: Chucker, B-G Gnatcatcher, R-C Kinglet, No Mockingbird, Painopepla, Say's Pheobe, Co Raven, Black-throated, Song & White-crowned Sparrows, Orange-crowned & Yellow-rumped, audubon & myrtle Warblers.