Varied & Hermit Thrush, Paradise Lodge, & Green Herons in Birchim & more

From: D.Parker and friends
Date: 4/18/02
Time: 5:07:16 PM
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Birchim also had 3 Gray Flycatchers & 2 Green Herons together. Heard a Yellow Warbler in the housing area but couldn't see. Flock of 25 Great Egrets along frontage road (parallel to 395)in green pasture of Round Valley. Behind Meadow creek, flock of 10 Morning Doves, 1 Gray Flycatcher (behind Chris' house, 25 Cowbirds behind Meadowcreek (west of), and gorgeous alternate plumed Golden-crowned Sparrow in our yard and a Black-chinned Hummer.Female Western Tanager yesterday in Green Gate Cots (north of Dixon Lane) eating a huge caterpillar and whacking it on a branch.