Whimbrels, Longspurs, Lawrence Goldfinch......Independence

From: Leah and Andrew Kirk
Email: leahkirk@qnet.com
Date: 4/20/02
Time: 8:17:16 PM
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1. Making their annual appearance on the irrigated fields east of Indy were at least eight Whimbrels. First seen near dusk on 16April02 and still present today. 2. Two to three Chestnut-collared Longspurs in the alfalfa field next to the Whimbrels were - for once - most cooperative, allowing us binocular views adequate to see the black and white median coverts of a male still in winter plumage. In addition, they flew short distances several times making their piddle-diddle sound. This sighting should make a nice little dot in the April distribution chart. 3. One stunning male Lawrence's Goldfinch eating nyjer seed with LeGo's and AmGo's, then bathing in our birdbath, and finally singin' in the tree. Some days you just get lucky.