Baker Meadow Highlights

From: Field Trip Participants...(posted by Chris Howard)
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Date: 05/04/02
Time: 04:54:56 PM


This morning's annual Eastern Sierra Audubon Society field trip to Baker Meadow had a good selection of spring migrants. Among seven warbler species, we were amazed at the number of Townsend's, at least a dozen. The others warblers were Audubon's, Orange-crowned, one Black-throated Gray, one Yellow-breasted Chat (heard only), Wilson's, and Yellow. Other neat birds were male Black-headed and Blue Grosbeaks. Good numbers of hummingbirds included Calliope, Black-chinned, and Costa's. Flycatchers were a little on the slow side with just a few Grays, and Western Kingbirds. Some say...this is the most exciting time of the year!