DV Breeding Bird Survey

From: Wickman and Prather
Email: ajwickman@qnet.com
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Date: 05/07/02
Time: 05:09:25 PM


Highlights this year include - 6 May: a first for the Greenwater Valley survey, a burrowing owl perched on a creosote bush. Also a first, a desert iguana sunning in a creosote near the Billie Mine (usu assoc. with dunes?) Scotty's Castle had a lawn full of Chipping Sparrows and Lazuli Buntings with one Indigo male. A lone Lewis's Woodpecker was there as well. 7 May: The Racetrack survey had the best Bear Poppy bloom we've seen in 20+ years. Scotty's Castle had a Great Egret, Green Heron and Spotted Sandpiper near the lawn as well as a Blue Grosbeak. The blooming mesquites hosted tanagers, orioles, warblers and carpenter bees who would chase away the swallows only. An accipter cleared the lawn of all birds while we watched.