Ruddy turnstone, more

From: Kristie Nelson
Remote Name:
Date: 05/16/02
Time: 03:18:58 PM


Hi all, Just got back from birding Crowley Lake (Laton springs to Owens River area), which was quite birdy. Large numbers of terns (few hundred or so Blacks, along with Forester's and Caspian). Highlight was a lone Ruddy Turnstone. It was on the shore near the flat area where the road departs from the rabbitbrush as you head near the mouth of Owen's. It let me get quite close, and after crawling on my belly, finally got what I wanted - a (hopefully) nice photo with snowy mtns in the background. There was also a pair of Peregrines. After stooping at shorebirds, the female (immature) made spectacular peregrine tumbling stoops at the male. There was also a Prairie falcon and Golden eagle. Wilsons phalaropes adorned the shore of crowley. No peeps, only a few LB dowitchers. On tuesday about 127 white pelicans flew over Mono lake. Enjoy spring, Kristie