River Springs Audubon Field Trip summary

From: Chris Howard
Email: choward@telis.org
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Date: 05/20/02
Time: 08:42:54 AM


The Saturday, May 4th River Springs trip gave some of us fleeting views of American Bittern, Wilson's Phalarope, Willets, American Avocets, Spotted Sandpiper, and a flyby Forester's Tern. Earlier that morning there were 7 American Bittern (photo at right), some "ga-lunking," and a few winnowing Common Snipe. This is a fantastic place supporting many hard-to-find breeding birds.

We also checked out the highway 120 burn, just south of Mono Lake. Although we did not see any Black-backed Woodpeckers, (the obnoxious wind kept most birds silenced and hidden), we did see a White-headed female and a couple Hairies, Gray Flycatchers, Mountain Bluebirds, and Pygmy Nuthatches, too.  A nice day, overall, despite the wind!