Condors, Colorado River

From: Jack & Pat Crowther
Remote Name:
Date: 05/21/02
Time: 04:57:33 PM


We were crossing the Colorado River at the Navaho Bridge on the 17th of May, and stopped at an information center. There was a pedestrian bridge,on the bridge a man with listening devices was sitting and recording data, we asked what he was tracking and he said Condors and there is one sitting on that rock. We had thought it was a person, it was so hugh. Needless to say we got great looks, and Pat was able to do some sketches. We spent a lot time watching,and as we were leaving 3 more flew right over our heads and then landed. We able to read there numbers, 4, 3, 11, and 86 sitting perched.There have been 11 condors released in this area near the Vermillion Cliffs. We just had to share our joy with fellow birders.