Summer Tanager and more...Lone Pine and Owens Lake

From: Chris Rintoul, Kerry Wilcox, Cheyenne Laczek-Johnson
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Date: 05/23/02
Time: 01:01:33 PM


5/21: Yellow-breasted Chat, second-year male Summer Tanager, and cute Bewick's Wren brood seen at the meadow in the north end of Lone Pine (the one near the "stained glass house" with the big gate, pond, etc. We like to refer to it as Mike's Meadow after Mike Prather. :)

5/22: Forster's Terns (2), White-faced Ibis at Cartago Ponds. Also many (10) Spotted Sandpipers. Snowy Plovers continue to take to the Shallow Flood Zone in the North Sand Sheet of Owen's Lake. American Avocets are also nesting in good numbers. Hatch rate for SNPL nests has been good so if we can just keep up with all of those broods and determine fledging success.