tattlers, hooded oriole...

From: Kristie Nelson
Email: storm_petrel@hotmail.com
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Date: 05/23/02
Time: 08:07:36 PM


Hi all, Here's some recent Mono hot sightings: on the 21st I had a 1st year male Hooded oriole in Bridgeport. Near the corner of Stock and Sinclaire st (N end of town, near airport) There is a yellow flowering shrub (Ribes??) that is attracting many hummers and orioles. I 1st saw the Hooded in the chainlink fence impoundment on the N side of the road (towards the lake). It was with several Bullocks. It flew a ways over to the creek, but later was back. The orioles called infrequently, and would nearly vanish when they went into the depths of the yellow flowering bush to feed. There was also a male BLACK-CHINNED hummer, and several Calliope feeding as well.

The same day, Justin Hite saw 2 WANDERING TATTLERS at the DWP dock, near Lee Vining creek delta on Mono Lake. They were in full alternate plumage and calling. I searched all the next day, with no avail.

Today the first BLACk-and WHITE warbler of the season was on Mill creek, seen by Robin Hirsch-jacobson. I did a loop around Benton and Yellow Jacket springs to Fish slough. There were at least 5 Snowy Plovers on Black Lake (nesting, I suppose). Not much in Benton Hotsprings, a MacGillivrays. Highlight was a CACTUS WREN NEST on Yellow Jacket Springs road, just over 1.4 miles North of the ranch (this is only a mile or 2 south of Benton hot springs). It was not active, maybe last years. I know they have been found in Yellow Jacket area, but I think this one is further north than the last. Common nighthawks are back. Have a good spring, Kristie