Rose-breasted grosbeak - Queen Canyon, NV

From: Jim Parker
Remote Name:
Date: 05/26/02
Time: 04:34:32 PM


What more can be said about a male rose-breasted grosbeak in all its breeding finery, except to mention that when he flew straight up into the air above his perch, his lovely pink underwing coverts took my breath away. Now, where in the world is Queen Canyon? It's at the north end of the White Mountains, less than 10 miles NE of Benton. Turn south on Forest Road 1N14 across from the ruins of the once-flourishing Janie's Ranch, and proceed about four or 4.5 miles up-canyon to where an extensive riparian zone is seen off to the left. All that being said, Debby & I searched for the bird twice after it had been found at 8:00 AM & couldn't re-find it. But don't let that dissuade you from exploring an interesting canyon with lots of singing birds in the morning, and lots of no-see-ums to keep you company until after the sun goes down.