Furnace Creek Ranch, 4 June 2002

From: Mike San miguel
Email: sanmigbird@aol.com
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Date: 06/04/02
Time: 08:32 PM


Hi all,

This morning I birded Furnace Creek Ranch and for a change there were more birds than golfers but they did not outnumber the Harley-Davidsons. While there were few migrants, as expected this lateinto spring, there was enough to keep things interesting. A pair of BLUE-WINGED TEALS remains and along the 10th fairway there wasa CASSIN'S KINGBIRD. An adult male ROSE- BREASTED GROSBEAK was in the double row near the 3rd tee while a female was in the grasses at the date palm grove. A male and female INDIGO BUNTING, acting like a pair, were also in the date palm grove which is loaded with grasses, augering well for sparrows and finches later during fall migration. At about 8:45 the male BRONZED COWBIRD was in the stable near building 900. I assume it is the same bird displaying to a female that Michael and I observed on 25 May in exactly the same location. I did not see the female. Later in the morning at Stovepipe Wells there was WESTERN SCRUB-JAY (Interior form). A DARK-EYED JUNCO at Panamint Springs looked completely out of place.

Mike San Miguel Arcadia CA