Flamingo, possible juvenile American near Lone Pine

From: J. Zatorski
Email: jerryzat@yahoo.com
Remote Name:
Date: 06/14/02
Time: 05:37 PM


I know take a deep breath first. The bird was sited along Lone Pine Creek near the Cottonwood Basin turn off. A large, grayish bird with a wingspan about 5 to 6 feet. The head with long neck was longer than body, tail and legs together. The neck was straight in flight. The head was lower than the body in flight. The bill was not long like a heron's, but somewhat blunt and thick. In flight the wing beats were slow and the head bobbed in step with the wing beats. The wings did not flaten; they stayed concave while in flight. As the bird flew it made a croaking sound deeper than a GBH. Unfortunately this siting was made without any optics, and the bird was flying away to the east down stream toward Lone Pine.