Big Pine birding

From: Tom Heindel
Remote Name:
Date: 06/19/02
Time: 02:35 PM


Today, 19 June, a Western Grebe was at Klondike Lake with 6 Clarks. The Western is rarely seen during the summer while the Clarks breed there. One White-faced Ibis was at Klondike Lake also rare in summer. One adult male Canvasback, at Tinemaha Reservoir, was very unusual as many summers pass without any reports. Two Lesser Scaup, a male and female together, were seen at Tinemaha Reservoir. Identification was based on pure white secondaries and gray primaries. This species is casual in summer, that is, not reported every year. Eleven Willets stopped at Tinemaha Reservoir on their way south as did a Spotted Sandpiper at Klondike Lake. A Cedar Waxwing has been heard at Big Pine for the last couple of days extending the late departure record of 14 June. Surprising was a Black-throated Sparrow found near Schulman Grove on a Breeding Bird Survey yesterday setting a high elevation record of 10,080' extending the old record of 7500' by a substantial margin.