From: Zed Ruhlen
Email: mikoandzed@earthlink.net
Remote Name:
Date: 08/19/02
Time: 05:28 PM


Today, August 19 2002, at 7:30 a.m. I saw a first-year Heermann's Gull in the LADWP Zone Two shallow flood of Owen's Dry Lake Bed. The gull was small and dark (almost a sooty black) with some lighter scalloping on the wing coverts. The legs were dark (though the bird was in mud so that probably isn't indicative) and the bill was bi-colored: dark at the tip and light at the base (though I couldn't get a color from where I was looking). In addition I noted that the eye was black. The bird was observed foraging along one of the lines of "bubblers" feeding the flood with water.