Long-tailed Jaeger and possible Arctic Tern (Crowley); Pine Siskins in Paradise

From: D House
Email: roadkill23@earthlink.net
Remote Name:
Date: 09/01/02
Time: 03:32 PM


This morning I saw a juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger feeding on the shore of Crowley Lake, approximately 300 meters downstream of where the Owens River enters. It was very approachable. Closer to Layton Springs was a nonbreeding plumaged tern with a mostly black bill (pale yellowish at base), a narrow carpal bar (much less distinct than on a Common Tern), and a narrow black margin on the trailing edge of the primaries. It had a complete black cap, unlike a Forsters. My tentative id is an Arctic (photos taken). A Peregrine Falcon was also seen at Crowley. Some early Pine Siskins were in Paradise this morning.