Common Nighthawks at Fish Slough

From: Jan Hintermeister
Remote Name:
Date: 09/01/02
Time: 09:45 PM


A late report from 18 August: Karen DeMello and I drove up Fish Slough Road north of Bishop. About 7 miles north (in Mono County) past the kiosk and parking area on the right, there is a large stand of cottonwoods on the right. We drove towards the cottonwoods and first saw a single perched nighthawk on a cottonwood at the side of the road. As we drove further into the cottonwoods we saw nighthawks perched seemingly everywhere, in the trees, two perched on a barbed wire fence, one on a fencepost. At about 4:30 in the afternoon, on this fairly warm day, many of the nighthawks started flying about.