Lundy Lake - Pacific Loon, Terns, Cormorant

From: Kris Olson
Remote Name:
Date: 09/04/02
Time: 01:11 PM


On 9/3, Tuesday, I took a quick trip to Lundy Lake. I found the Pacific Loon, first reported 6/16/02 by Robin Smith and Leslie Flint (see the bird list). It was fishing about 5' from the shore! near the boat launch. There was a Caspian Tern hanging out near the fishermen. A Common Tern fished and sat on a rock (the better to see it with!) also near that end of the lake. Two unidentified slim white terns (black cap, red bill, red feet, gray wings with perhaps a touch of dark edging on the tips, white rump, shallow-forked white tail) swooped together all over the lake, never sitting down. As I left I saw an immature Double-crested Cormorant on a snag by the road.