Canada Warbler at No. Haiwee Reservoir

From: Susan Steele (by T&J Heindel)
Remote Name:
Date: 09/09/02
Time: 04:21 PM


Yesterday, 8 Sep, Susan Steele of Ridgecrest, found an adult male Canada Warbler in the willows and cottonwoods at the north end of Haiwee Reservoir. Six other birders arrived during the afternoon and had lengthy, up-close, views of this stunning bird. The first county record was 13 Jun 1967 at Johnson Canyon when an adult female was collected becoming the first record for the state. The next 3 records were from Deep Springs and all in May from 21-28. The fifth record was a fall bird at Furnace Creek Ranch. So this is only the second fall record and the first for the Owens Valley!