Meadowcreek Painted Bunting (6 Sept) Photos

From: Chris Howard
Remote Name:
Date: 09/10/02
Time: 01:36 PM


I took the following photos on 6 Sept of the Painted Bunting found by Debby Parker on 5 Sept in her backyard. Although not an adult male, this bird was still amazingly colored with tints of bright green on the back, pale yellow below, and deep blue median coverts. Discussion is ongoing concerning the age and sex of the bird.  Many thanks to Debby for her superb find!

All photos were taken at a distance of 20 feet with a Nikon Coolpix 995. The first photo used an Eagle-eye 5x lens, the others were handheld in front of Debby's Leica APO 77 Televid.

DSCN7023_pabu.JPG (62872 bytes) DSCN7037_pabu.JPG (39271 bytes) DSCN7040_pabu.JPG (70487 bytes) DSCN7051_pabu.JPG (44522 bytes) DSCN7053_pabu.JPG (36366 bytes)

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