Owens Lake & No. Haiwee Reservoir

From: Tom & Jo Heindel
Email: tjheindel@aol.com
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Date: 09/22/02
Time: 01:44 PM


On 21 Sep a group of birders spent the day visiting sites along the west side of Owens Lake and North Haiwee Reservoir. Seventy seven species were found which includes 10 species of shorebirds. Best bird was a Purple Martin that is only the 14th recorded in the fall in Inyo County. Next best was a juvenile Sanderling that required a wet, mucky walk to get close enough to insure a correct identification. And nice was a First of Fall Hermit Thrush at Diaz Lake.

(Photos digiscoped by Chris Howard hand-holding Nikon Coolpix 995 in front of Leica 77mm Televid APO.  Purple Martin found and identified by Jo Heindel.)