Black-and-white Warbler at Green Gate Cottonwoods

From: Chris Howard
Remote Name:
Date: 09/26/02
Time: 01:43 PM


I was really hoping to see this very unique nuthatch-like warbler in the Eastern Sierra someday!  I found a Black-and-white Warbler today (Sept 26) just before 1PM at the south end of the east side of the Green Gate (Dixon Lane) Cottonwoods.  One of the neat things about this eastern warbler is it's foraging strategy: it climbs trunks and limbs and uses it's long bill to probe into bark looking for insects.  The black spotted undertail coverts and white central crown stripe are a clincher.  I'm leaning toward hatching-year female, based on the buffy lower flanks and pale throat/auricular.  Neat stuff migrating through right now...and nice weather, too!