Owens Lake Birds

From: Chris Rintoul, Miko Ruhlen
Email: crintoul@prbo.org
Remote Name:
Date: 10/21/02
Time: 01:37:16 PM


Today at the Keeler flood ponds (Zone 2 Shallow Flood) we observed the following cool birds: Snow Goose (white): (~8:30 am) Observed one swimming then roosting in Area 6S among 500 ducks of various species. Identified by size, all white with black on tail, shape of head, bill, and degree of black bill markings around mouth. Probably a lesser but I am not a pro with these. Semipalmated Plover: (~10:00 am) Observed one foraging alone on mudflats of Area 3N. Identified by small size and bill, yellowish legs, complete dark breast band, chocolate-gray upperparts and white underparts. Cattle Egret: (~10:00 am) Observed one roosting on yellow water pump on berm of Area 3N. Relatively small size, all black legs and feet, yellow bill and lores, tinge of yellow/tawny color on forehead. Black-necked Stilts: (~9:00 am) Two observed roosting and one foraging in Area 7. We have actually been seeing stilts in small numbers consistently throughout October in the flood ponds with the standard 2000+ American Avocets. Looking at the Heindelís graphs made us aware of their normal scarcity (absence?) this time of year.