3 More Owens Lake Birds

From: Chris Rintoul
Email: crintoul@prbo.org
Remote Name:
Date: 10/22/02
Time: 03:14:32 PM


Sorry about the multi-posting but the previous 2 were posted while I was still in the field: Also observed this morning but at the North Gated Discharge (a shallow flooded area near the Dirty Socks construction site): One Pectoral Sandpiper One Sanderling One Black-bellied Plover The Pectoral Sandpiper was identified by its moderately long, pointy bill, yellow legs, and heavily streaked breast. Observed feeding in proximity to Killdeer and Least Sandpipers for size comparison. The Sanderling was observed feeding with Killdeer, Western Sandpipers and Least Sandpipers was significantly larger in size than the two sandpipers. Pale grey upperparts, white underparts and a dark shoulder. The Black-bellied Plover was also observed foraging amongst Killdeer, Western Sandpipers and Least Sandpipers for perspective. Its whistled call helped with the ID. Final note: I had been out of town for a couple of weeks and now I see Mountain Bluebirds coming down to places like Swede’s Pasture and Tubman Springs which is neat. On Saturday, Chris McCreedy and I were up around Cottonwood Lakes and we observed some Western Bluebirds in the meadow by the pack station/education facility. Is it common for WEBLs to be seen at such high elevations (10,000+ feet)? Just curious.