Death Valley Sparrows, Others

From: Andrew Howe
Remote Name:
Date: 11/06/02
Time: 06:30:20 PM


Birded Furnace Creek today (11/6) from about 6:15 to noon, with most of the birds located over the weekend through yesterday still present, with a new bird or two thrown into the mix. As the number of tourists continue to grow into this weekend (49er Days), it is imperative to get out early; birding was VERY frustrating after 8am. Started at the Inn, and was rewarded with a sharp Swamp Sp and a "tan-striper" White-throated. The best bird was a "reddish" type fox sparrow with a bright red (and not rufous) tail, a gray rump, and strong red spots on the breast. I'm not sure as to subspecies (the more I read the more I am confused); all I now is I've seen very few of these in Cal. At Furnace Creek, just about everything was a holdover from previous days: Rusty Black, Swamp Sparrow, and Clay–colored Sp at the PAGU pond (due to the number of people, the Blackbird spent most of the time sitting in a nearby tam); Black-bellied Plover at airport; Ruddy Ground-Dove in small date palm and on nearby green; Hooded Mergs by clubhouse; 2 Clay-coloreds, 1 Tree Sp, and Purple Finch in the sparrow flock which ranged loosely from the 600 building to the tennis courts; white goose flock, Merlin, snipe all still present. So, a lot of the good stuff is still there! Also a continuous stream of people (especially around the 600 unit), so be out early and good luck! Andrew Howe