Rosy-finches on North Death Valley Rd

Observers: Gary Peebles
Remote Name:
Date: 12/03/02
Time: 11:49 AM


I wanted to post a sighting of 30+ Gray crowned Rosey finches along the Death Valley road. They were observed on Saturaday Nov.30,2002 at 10:45Am. The location was about 5 miles form the turnoff of highway 168, at about the 4500 ft level. I didn't appear to be a mixed flock. We traveled from Eureka dunes on Sunday and observed 30+ sparrows/finches no positive Id's, in a huge meadow along Death valley road at about 6200 ft in elevation. They flew away. This was on the eastern assent toward the Saline road turnoff. We didn't see any rosey finches in the location that we saw them on Saturday. The flock that flew on the eastern side of the range may have been the same flock, but not positive.