3 American Tree Sparrows at Dechambeau Ponds

Observers: Chris McCreedy
Email: cmccreedy@prbo.org
Remote Name:
Date: 12/08/02
Time: 01:57 PM


I jumped out of my jeep and noticed the ponds were frozen, and I was dealing with a tantrum of the 'will I ever see a bird before April' sort when three Tree Sparrows more or less landed at my feet. Also over the swales east of the ponds: 4 Northern Harriers, a Red-tailed Hawk, two Rough-legged Hawks, and 3 Common Ravens, all circling each other and screaming. It was great theater. Finally on the beach east of the ponds: 3rd yr and adult California Gulls (difficult to find right now on Mono), late Savannah Sparrows, and what might have been a really late Vesper Sparrow (white rects). Just as I closed in, it flushed and flew pretty much to Fresno.