Birding Hotspots: Rosy Finches at Aspendell

What's There:

Rosy Finches and occasionally Juniper Titmouse and Evening Grosbeak come down to winter in Aspendell, elevation 9000 feet. Most Rosy Finches are the locally breeding Gray-crowned form, but there are a few Hepburn's among the flocks.

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Take Hwy 168 west (West Line) out of Bishop to Aspendell. Chains are often required during snowstorms. Even in clear weather beware of ice on the roads.  Turn right on Cardinal (past the line of mailboxes) and right on Iris (the first street).  The feeders are at 129 and 140 Iris. Ken, the new owner of the Wallaces home at 140, is a gracious host and welcomes visitors.  He mentioned how much he appreciated the seed that last years visitors brought as a donation.  This is a small cul-de-sac filled with friendly residents.  In order to keep this reliable Rosy-Finch area open, we ask that visitors continue following the guidelines the residents set up years ago.  Snugly park on the right as soon as you make the turn onto Iris.  If there are already a few cars there try to find another nearby road on which to park. It probably would be best if the short street doesnt become congested with cars.

map to Aspendell

Best Time:

Fall and winter.  Dress very warmly.

Aspendell map detail

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