Birding Hotspots: Baker Creek Meadows

What's There:

Spring and Fall migrants and vagrants; raptors; Yellow-billed Cuckoo; etc. Extensive area of trees, meadows, and streams.

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Birders at Baker Creek Meadows


Just north of Big Pine, take Baker Cr. Rd. to the west. Turn left at the County Campground onto a good dirt road, then go right as you pass the campground. Follow the road southwesterly (see map) to a small parking area. There is a pass-thru to the right of the locked gate. Follow the road on foot to the creek. If the stream is high, there is a plank bridge downstream a few meters from the road (there's a path to it).

After crossing the stream, follow the old road into the wooded areas. Many small to large meadows occur here, and extensive groves of locust and other trees.

NOTE!!: this is a working cattle grazing area. Respect all fences, gates, and structures, and look out for cows.

(DeLorme No. CA map, p. 123, C7.)

Map to Baker Creek Meadows

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