Birding Hotspots: Farmer's Pond

What's There:

Migrating waterfowl and shorebirds. This pond is very attractive to such birds, but is allowed to dry up after hunting season.

Farmer's Pond


Travel north out of Bishop on US 6. About half-way through the big bend in the highway, get into the left-turn pocket and go north on Five Bridges Rd. Turn right (east, directly across from Riverside Rd.), go across a cattle guard and follow the dirt road which veers north, then east again, and takes you to the pond (see orange on map). There is a parking area (blue P on the map) just beyond a short dirt road (red on map) which can take you back to Hwy 6. Note: the orange route is a safer approach to the pond when coming from Bishop. It avoids a left turn, with no turn pocket, onto the red route in the face of often fast truck traffic.

Walk north from the parking area, crossing a ditch and going through some brush and reeds. Approach slowly and quietly, keeping behind cover as much as possible.

map to Farmer's Pond

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