Birding Hotspots: Warren and Klondike Lakes

What's There:

Migrating waterfowl and shorebirds. Spotting scopes very helpful. Ducks especially seem to prefer Warren Lake (in some years Warren Lake is dry). Larger waterfowl - Tundra Swans and American White Pelicans - may be found on Klondike.

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Klondike Lake


Access Warren Lake from County Rd. (go east off US 395 at junction with SR 168, just north of Big Pine) or, alternatively, exit US 395 on Reynolds Rd. 1.3 mi north of the SR 168 junction. Follow the road indicated on the map. Observe the Lake from the roadside.

Klondike Lake is reached by a dirt road off US 395 0.7 mi north of Reynolds Rd. (there is no roadside sign; there is a left-hand turn pocket for those coming from the north). The lake is heavily used for recreation on Summer weekends.

After visiting these lakes, you might like to go on to Tinemaha Reservoir, south of Big Pine.

(DeLorme No. CA map, p. 123, C7.)

map to Warren and Klondike Lakes

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