Birding Hotspots: Birchim Canyon

What's There:

Riparian area very good for migrants and vagrants. Pine Cr. and Rock Cr. join just E. of US 395, then flow through this short, narrow canyon to the confluence with the Owens River near a DWP power plant. Look for Canyon Wrens on the rocky north canyon wall.

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Birchim Canyon


Going north out of Bishop (12 mi from the "Y" - junction of US 395 and US 6; 1.7 mi north of Pine Cr. Rd.) the canyon is seen on the east side of the highway. There is room to park off the northbound lanes; move well off of the roadway on the right side. Access is through a gate. A dirt road - not accessible to private cars - runs the length of the canyon, a distance of about 1 mile. (NO access from the Power Plant end - please access from 395.)

(DeLorme No. CA map, p. 123, A5.)

map to Birchim Canyon

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